Prepare for the Real World.

Nova Southeastern University gives students the edge they need to become confident, capable and caring professionals who can outsmart, outperform and outlast their competition. As a student, you’ll be given the tools to harness the best within yourself and prepare for a career that inspires you.

Sometimes, we talk about class, but often, we talk about careers or just life in general. That's where some of the best learning really happens.

Camille Lamar Campbell | Professor of Law

Undergraduate Student Outcome Survey Highlights

Enter the professional world as a force of nature. Join fellow Sharks in pursuing advanced degrees and careers across the globe and 30+ states. The sky's the limit for NSU grads.

Build Your Resume and Portfolio

Experiential learning can give you an edge.

Ten applicants bring a resume to an interview. One also brings a portfolio. Who gets the job? You. At NSU, you’ll have the opportunity to create a marketable portfolio based on real work experience and course projects that show off your credentials—and your character.

Your professors and advisers can connect you with a variety of opportunities to build your portfolio. They may invite you to assist with their research, help you find an internship, share a service-learning event or even help you network.

This is your time to explore new career paths. Find what you like about a career or discover a deal-breaker early on. Network with people who could be career connections in a few years. Get a head start on your peers and prepare to dominate your future.

Explore Experiential Education

I love going to career services. Their resume and interview advice helped prepare me for the real world.

Jessica R. | Business Administration

150+ Employers

More than 150 employers visited NSU in the last year, bringing unique networking opportunities right to our students.

Shark Destinations

You’ll find NSU alumni at companies like AIG, Apple, Bank of America, Cleveland Clinic, Kaufman Rossin, Memorial Healthcare System, NBC Universal, Yelp and more.

Notable Graduate Schools

NSU graduates go on to study at prestigious institutions like Cornell, NYU, Johns Hopkins, Texas A&M, Penn State and Nova Southeastern University.

Average Starting Salary

NSU undergraduate alumni have an average starting salary of $56,000.

Career Coaching All Four Years

A dedicated coach will help you plan your path.

The right career will make you happy and financially secure—and discovering your ideal career is a very personal journey. That’s why you’ll have a dedicated career coach at NSU who will get to know you and make sure you see the possibilities of what you can do with your major. They will work with you to find experiential learning opportunities to let you decide whether or not you’ll actually enjoy a career. They’ll also help you refine your professional skills so you hit the ground running once you graduate.

Learn to Ace Your Interviews

The Career Development Office offers appointments to help students build their interviewing skill set. You can spend your time exploring careers, learning job search strategies, workshopping your resume, practicing mock interviews or even learning network strategies.

How does NSU prepare you for a career?

Students share how their professors, career services and experiential learning opportunities helped them reach their goals.

When you come to NSU, you know you’re going to be part of something bigger than education and your career. You’re going to be contributing to the world."

Bairon M. | Marine Biology