Hands-On Learning, Your Way

The best way to learn something is to do it. That’s why all of Nova Southeastern University’s programs are designed to give each student practical, professional, immersive learning experiences.

No matter your major, your professors and advisers will help you find opportunities to apply what you’re learning. This might be in class, a research lab, a service event or an internship you found through a professor’s connections. However you choose to practice, you’ll graduate with a strong sense of direction and a portfolio of polished work, real-world skills and professional experience to make you stand out in today’s market.

Prepare for a Real Career, Real Contributions and Real Life

Experiential Education and Learning (ExEL)

Discover a world of hands-on opportunities.

While many colleges acknowledge the importance of experiential education, students often find that once it’s time to gain experience, it’s hard to know what to do or find opportunities. NSU’s Experiential Education and Learning (ExEL) program was created to provide you with a clear path to real-world learning opportunities that can set your resume or C.V. apart.

ExEL will guide you to different types of hands-on learning and give you a target number of units to accumulate. You’ll build a portfolio as you go so that when you graduate you’ll have a secret weapon during your job search or grad school interviews.

To accumulate ExEL units, you can choose to conduct research with a faculty mentor, enroll in courses that take you far beyond the classroom, test-drive your future career with an internship, give back to your community as a volunteer or earn credits while studying abroad.

Learn More about ExEL

The professors here motivate you to find experiential learning opportunities. They either try to encourage you to do research with them, help you find internships in the area, or invite you to join organizations on campus that are doing experiential learning.

Nicole C. | Communication and International Law

Let Your Work Shine

Showcase what you’ve learned in and out of the classroom.

Ten applicants bring a resume to an interview. One also brings a portfolio. Who gets the job? You. At NSU, you’ll have the opportunity to create a marketable portfolio based on real work experience and course projects that show off your credentials—and your character.

Combined with the coaching from your professors and career coach, your portfolio becomes a winning asset for job interviews—evidence of your knowledge, skills and qualifications. It turns your academic achievements into your professional success. That’s the NSU Edge.

Why is NSU Florida the best place to earn your bachelor’s degree?

At NSU, you’ll have a career advantage from day one. Not only will you receive a top-notch education but you’ll also get real-world experience, access to an extensive alumni network and invaluable industry connections.

Undergraduate Student Outcome Survey Highlights

Enter the professional world as a force of nature. Join fellow Sharks in pursuing advanced degrees and careers across the globe and 30+ states. The sky's the limit for NSU grads.

First-Year Experience

Make a smooth transition into Shark life.

Part of what you learn in college is how to take charge of your education and your future. You learn to motivate yourself, manage your time and work efficiently with others. Good news: We don’t expect you to figure this out on your own.

First-Year Experience (UNIV-1000) is a course all NSU freshmen take. Its goal is to set new Sharks up for long-term success. An instructor and peer leader will help you gain important life skills and introduce you to all the support systems and resources NSU offers.

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