Nova Southeastern University is uniquely positioned to provide our undergraduate students with a preview of NSU’s graduate programs and the nearly limitless range of resulting careers. We offer 50+ master’s programs and 30+ doctoral programs, many of which have a national reputation for preparing confident, capable and caring professionals.

Earning an advanced degree allows you to dive even deeper into your academic or professional passions. You could gain in-depth career training, whether you’re planning to lead a classroom or a board room. You could solve a critical issue through research in a lab or out in the field. You could learn the specific skills you need to become a dentist, physician or lawyer. No matter what you choose, you’ll get the NSU Edge.

Working with grad students and faculty is really helpful. We get a head start on our master's and make some great friendships, too.

Mickey E. | Marine Biology

Master's Degrees

Specialize your knowledge and gain more experience.

Master’s degrees usually take one or two years to complete and give you a more specific skill set. Master’s students often have internships, shadowing opportunities, clinicals or other hands-on projects that help them apply what they’re learning in class to the real thing. After completing a master’s degree, many graduates enter leadership roles in their careers or pursue a doctorate.

Explore Master's Degrees

Popular Master’s Programs at NSU

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Get a competitive edge by learning from established business leaders, gaining real-world experience and developing a professional portfolio in one of 12 concentrations.

Master of Science in Cybersecurity Management (M.S.)
Prepare to enter a high-demand field at one of the 10 best cybersecurity colleges in the United States. Learn to develop organizational policies related to information assurance and cyber defense.

Master of Science in Education (M.S.)
Use interactive classrooms, simulation learning, case studies, original research and team-based projects to learn how to provide exceptional outcomes in your own classroom.

Master of Public Health (M.P.H.)
Help resolve complex problems by applying the principles of public health. Enhance your skills with a field experience and prepare to shape the future of health care in a variety of settings.

Reach the Top of Your Field with a Doctoral Degree

A dedicated coach will help you plan your path.

After earning your master’s, you may choose to earn your doctoral degree. A doctorate is the highest degree you can earn. People earn a doctorate to reach the top of their academic or professional careers and consistently earn the most out of any degree-holder, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Doctoral Programs

Research-focused doctoral programs can take from three to six years to complete and usually involve an in-depth research project. Students work closely with faculty to develop a dissertation, which is a collection of the findings from their research. After completing their degree (often a Ph.D.), many graduates become professors, continue their research or pursue top leadership roles in their careers.


Popular Ph.D. Programs at NSU

Conflict Analysis & Resolution (Ph.D.) 
Prepare for a career as an advanced practitioner, educator, theoretician, consultant, program evaluator or organization administrator.

Pharmaceutical Science (Ph.D.) 
Focus your research on Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Molecular Medicine and Pharmacogenomics or Drug Development. Create and test new drug molecules, develop new dosage forms and determine health outcomes in clinical research.

Health Sciences (Ph.D.) 
Prepare to conduct sophisticated clinical, health behavior, public health and health policy research. Perfect for health professionals and senior administrators.

Education (Ed.D.)
Advance your credentials and career opportunities in administration, human services, instructional technology or special education. Specialize your research, experiential learning and dissertation work.

Professional Programs

These practice-based doctoral degrees are for students who want to join highly specialized careers—doctors, lawyers and dentists all earn a professional degree. Programs vary in length depending on the type of degree and how quickly you can gain experience, since many programs require you to log a certain number of hours of real-world experience.

Popular Professional Programs at NSU

Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)
Advance your training, research experience and credentials in the health profession of dentistry. Prepare for clinical research and academic career opportunities.

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
Develop expert-level skills in medicine, critical thinking, detection and diagnosis as you focus on patient interactions during your clinical rotations.

Law (J.D.)
Expert and engaging faculty and clinical internships bring the law to life and prepare you with the skills needed for a successful legal career.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)
Earn a practice-focused terminal degree to practice health care at the highest levels. Discover real solutions for your practice through immersive learning experiences.

Premier Programs for Future-Focused Students

If you already know your career path, Premier Programs like Dual Admission, The Fischler Academy and the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy could accelerate your success. You can either earn your master’s and bachelor’s degrees in four years or save your spot in a top-notch graduate or professional program at NSU.

Premier Programs

Dual Admission

Reserve your seat in one of NSU’s graduate or professional schools while you earn your bachelor’s degree. If you’re laser-focused on your future, a Dual Admission program gives you a head start.

Huizenga Business Innovation Academy

Graduate from this program and NSU will invest $20,000 in your start-up. You’ll earn a bachelor’s degree and an M.B.A. in four years as you sharpen your skills through an internship, develop a business plan and operate a student-run business.

Razor's Edge Scholars

Razor's Edge Scholars offers unique, hands-on experiences inside and beyond the classroom through innovative cocurricular projects and opportunities. These four-year residential programs are a perfect complement to any career path, including health professions, technology, business, education and beyond.

The Fischler Academy of Education

Get a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in four years, benefit from a free international travel experience and earn a guaranteed job offer from one of Florida’s top school districts.

Presidential Scholars

The top incoming freshmen admitted to NSU will be invited to campus to interview for this scholarship program. Accepted students can receive an award for full tuition.