You’ll Get the NSU Edge, No Matter What

One of the best parts about college is having a chance to discover what you’re really passionate about. At Nova Southeastern University, you’ll have plenty of chances to explore new subjects, learn from experts and gain real-world experience to make sure you find a career path that fits.

You don’t have to wait to be a student to start exploring your options. This page will take you through NSU’s undergraduate degree programs and help you find which ones might be right for you.

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Medicine and Health Care

The need for medical professionals is growing rapidly—12 of the top 20 fastest-growing occupations over the next decade are related to health care, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This includes physician assistants and nurse practitioners (both of which make more than $100K per year on average) as well as physical therapists, phlebotomists, speech-language pathologists and other health care specialists.

Medical Majors

Finding the perfect medical path isn’t brain surgery.

With our track record of producing high-quality medical practitioners, and professors who bring their clinical experience and mentorship into the classroom, it’s no wonder so many doctors, dentists, optometrists and pharmacists come from NSU.

Our Clinical Exploration Program allows undergrads to benefit early from connections with patients and practitioners in real-world settings. Our Dual Admission options reserve a spot for you in one of our med schools, giving you the opportunity to learn and practice in the new teaching hospital adjacent to campus.

Remember, many different NSU majors and Razor’s Edge experiences can pave your way to med school. Talk to your admissions counselor to explore your options.

NSU has great professors with practical experience in their fields. Having access to their training and top-notch facilities has given me a head start on dental school.

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You might enjoy these majors if...
  • Your goal is to become a doctor, medical researcher or professor
  • You enjoy taking science and math classes
  • You want to do research with your professors
  • You're excited to do hands-on work inside a hospital or lab

Health Care, Nursing and Psychology Majors

What’s strong, fierce and draws blood?

From nursing to neuroscience, from physical therapy to psychology, from sonography to speech-language disorders, if you aspire to a health care career, NSU offers dozens of pathways to help you excel and make a difference.

We create confident, capable, caring health care professionals, drawing from dozens of different undergraduate majors and several Dual Admission and Razor’s Edge programs. NSU emphasizes the importance of collaboration across the health care specialties to deliver the absolute best in patient care and cutting-edge research.

That’s the NSU Edge in health care—and it puts you at the top of your practice.

"We have lots of clinical hours, so we get to see what nurses do in real life, instead of just reading about it in textbooks."


Related Degrees

You might enjoy these majors if...

  • Your goal is to become a nurse, therapist or counselor
  • You aspire to a career in health care but aren’t interested in med school
  • You want to do research with your professors
  • You're excited to do hands-on work inside a hospital or lab
Launch Medicine & Health Care

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Rapidly advancing technology and new environmental challenges means the world needs skilled scientists, developers and engineers now more than ever. In fact, software developers, information security analysts and mathematicians are all among the higher-earning end of the fastest growing occupations over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Marine Biology and Science Majors

What beats a school next to the ocean? A school in the ocean.

Welcome to this special world—where passionate professors and researchers collaborate with

undergraduate and grad students alike. Enhance your science courses with fieldwork, research projects and volunteer efforts that contribute to environmental needs and some of NSU’s specialties. Shark research, coral reef restoration, turtle conservation, climate change and biodiversity are some of NSU’s specialties.

Many science undergrads get published or conduct independent study work that makes them stand out to postgraduate schools and employers. Accelerate your study and broaden your options across an array of majors with Dual Admission and Razor’s Edge programs.

You're going to go to conferences. You're going to help write reports and proposals that we can actually get funded to expand our research. And then, ultimately, you're going to be writing manuscripts with me. You gain a wide range of experience at NSU.


Related Degrees

You might enjoy these majors if...

  • Your goal is to become a doctor, medical researcher or professor
  • You enjoy taking science and math classes
  • You want to do research with your professors
  • You're excited to do hands-on work inside a hospital or lab

Computer Science, Engineering and IT Majors

Help create tech’s next big wave.

NSU computer science, engineering and IT students get internships at places like Google, Apple, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency. It’s also not unusual for 100% of our computer science majors to have job offers before they graduate. 

Many undergrads participate in conferences and competitions to practice their presentation and communications skills on top of their computer science, engineering and IT expertise. Increasingly, we see crossover between our technology, business, law and even health care and medical programs.

After all, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, data analytics, information systems and engineering management are in high demand. NSU gives you the edge you need to dominate your chosen field.

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You might enjoy these majors if...

  • You like to take things apart and see how they work
  • You want to work in a high-demand industry
  • You enjoy working with computers
  • You expect to graduate with real, marketable skills

Our professors encourage us to step outside of our comfort zones, so we can contribute on project teams. It has helped me stand out in my internships and to employers.


Business, Law, Arts & Humanities

Creativity makes the world go round, whether it takes the form of media, an innovative business idea, a bold legal argument or inspired teaching. At NSU, no matter what major you choose, you’ll be encouraged to unleash your creativity and prepare for a real career, real contributions and real life.

Business, Criminal Justice and Law Majors

Mind your own business.

The world needs professionals who combine entrepreneurial innovation with ethical practices and strong interpersonal skills. If that sounds like your formula for success, then NSU will give you the edge you need. 

Study business at the home of Florida’s largest M.B.A. program while you operate your own business and earn a start-up investment from NSU through the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy. Or get a foot in the door in competitive legal fields working with professors from NSU Law.

And if your interest is in criminal justice, NSU partners with dozens of organizations to enable you to pursue careers in the courts, security, law enforcement, public service, rehabilitation and more.

Through Razor’s Edge Shark Cage, I get a scholarship and $5,000 to operate my own on-campus photography business.


You might enjoy these majors if...

  • You like to manage people, processes or finances
  • You’re a creative problem solver
  • You hope to help others with your work
  • You want résumé-building, real-world experience in your field

Education and Teaching Majors

Less time in our classrooms. More time creating yours.

Our programs let you create your own style of teaching and prepare you to lead in the classroom—all while meeting state and national standards. Our elite teacher preparatory program, The Fischler Academy, shapes aspiring educators into master teachers through scholarship support, a free international travel experience, a four-year bachelor’s-to-master’s fast track and a guaranteed job offer from one of Florida’s top school districts.

Many psychology and science majors also pursue minors or other options in education, school psychology, counseling and teaching career preparation. And with the Razor’s Edge Shark Teach program, NSU puts the edge in education.

In my heart, I already know how meaningful teaching can be. But I also know I'm getting the leadership skills I'll need to build a strong career.


Related Degrees

You might enjoy these majors if...

  • You enjoy working with children or teenagers
  • You want to meet the growing need for highly qualified teachers
  • You’re passionate about your favorite subject
  • You’re excited to work in a real classroom as soon as possible

Arts, Humanities and Social Science Majors

Turn your passion into your career.

NSU students will tell you how close-knit this community really is. They count on their faculty members for internships and career advice, for extra help with academics, and for their kindness and responsiveness. For being “family.”

This array of majors includes hands-on, experiential learning and portfolio work that prepares graduates for law or med school, master’s degrees or gainful employment. In fact, many non-liberal arts majors choose to minor in these inspiring disciplines. Dental students minor in art and design. Biology majors minor in music. Business students minor in international studies.

Expand your creativity, grow your resume, and build friendships that last a lifetime. That’s the art of being prepared to dominate your future.

In my internship, I run social media pages and produce news videos that are now part of my portfolio for communications jobs.


Related Degrees

You might enjoy these majors if...

  • You have a creative streak you can’t ignore
  • You enjoy making people think or feel something new
  • You want to build a portfolio of work throughout college
  • You’re excited for real-world learning opportunities