With Nova Southeastern University’s Dual Admission program, you can earn your bachelor's and your Master of Accounting degree in five and a half years. This program will prepare you for an in-demand career as a highly trained accountant, with job opportunities in financial institutions, the government, nonprofits or public practice. Plus, you’ll save on your accounting master’s degree thanks to NSU’s alumni discount.

At NSU, academic excellence, education and professionalism are at the core of who we are and it is a priority for us to develop the next generation of business leaders.

Dr. George L. Hanbury | President and CEO at NSU

Why earn your master’s in accounting? Demand is growing for highly trained accountants who are able to understand the complexities of the global economy. Accounting students at NSU get exclusive internship opportunities, a curriculum informed by the real world and an experienced faculty mentor to help prepare them to meet that demand.

NSU’s Master of Accounting program lets you choose a concentration in accounting analytics, public accounting, management accounting or taxation. No matter how you specialize your degree, you’ll learn from faculty who are experts in the field—and who will make sure you’re prepared to dominate your future.

What Can You Do with an Accounting Master’s Degree?

The Master of Accounting (M.Acc.) program is perfect for students who are interested a career in accounting or various other financial fields. You’ll gain both the soft and technical skills that make you stand out to hiring managers while you learn from top industry experts.

You can choose from four specializations, depending on your interests and goals. Each path will prepare you to sit for the relevant certification test, whether it’s the Certified Management Account (CMA) Exam, the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Exam or the three-part comprehensive IRS test.

Become the kind of in-demand accountant who can guide and create value for any organization. Explore our M.Acc. concentrations and see which is right for you today:

M.Acc. with Accounting Analytics Concentration

M.Acc. with Managerial Accounting Concentration

M.Acc. with Public Accounting Concentration

M.Acc. with Taxation Concentration

Related Careers

  • Accountant
  • Financial manager
  • Chief financial officer
  • Payroll specialist
  • Budget analyst
  • Tax professional


  • Understanding of accounting theory fundamentals
  • Financial reporting, management and analysis
  • Proficiency in account reconciliation, compliance and spreadsheet software
  • Critical thinking, organization and communication

Career Potential

6% Growth

Job Outlook 2018–2028


Median Pay 2019


Number of Jobs as of 2018

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


A Dual Admission program in accounting is available to qualified freshman and transfer students, allowing them to complete combined bachelor's degree and master’s degree in accounting in a total of a five-and-a-half-year period (4+1.5).

After successfully completing a four-year undergraduate degree at Nova Southeastern University (see requirements chart below), students are eligible to immediately start their Master of Accounting degree. An alumni tuition discount is available to those students who enter the master’s program directly after receiving their undergraduate degree.

Students can complete their master’s degree in 18 months. Classes are offered in either online or weekend formats. Master’s courses are taught by faculty with real-world experience and doctoral degrees in their fields of study.

Degrees Earned

You can earn any bachelor’s degree and your Master of Accounting (M.Acc.).

Program Length

Earn your bachelor’s in four years and your master’s
in one and a half.

Interview Required

Students applying for dual admission must interview during Shark Preview Weekend, an exclusive admitted student event.

Deadline to Apply

Fall Admission: February 1


To be considered for dual admission and fill your reserved seat in graduate or professional school, there are some requirements you must meet. Undergraduate Admission Requirements are for first-time in college students applying to earn a bachelor’s degree. Graduate Admission Requirements are the standards students need to maintain, while earning their undergraduate degree, to remain eligible for the graduate or professional program.

For students applying for fall admission who are initially unable to take the SAT or ACT due to extenuating circumstances, please contact your admission counselor directly prior to submitting your Premier Programs application.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

High School

3.0 Weighted GPA
(First-Time Students)


21 Composite ACT
1080 Total SAT


Minimum 30 Transfer Credits
3.0 GPA
(Transfer Students)

Graduate Admission Requirements

Keep your dual admission status while you earn your bachelor’s.

Dual admission reserves your seat in NSU’s Master of Accounting program, but you must still complete a graduate application once you finish your bachelor’s degree.

Keep in mind that these are the basic requirements, and final determination of admission into the professional program is at the discretion of the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship.

Degree Required

You must complete a bachelor’s degree in any major you choose. Additional prerequisites may be communicated upon admission.

Undergraduate GPA

You must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Additional Requirements

College credits that were earned through advanced high school programs such as AP, IB or college academy—or in summer coursework following high school graduation, prior to attending NSU—may transfer to NSU.

Students who enter NSU with earned college credits through advanced high school programs may be able to complete their degree and program requirements earlier than scheduled and request to enter their graduate professional programs earlier as well.

Please contact your admissions representative for more details regarding high school transfer credits.

Ready for the Next Step?

Here’s how to apply.

Dual Admission is just one of NSU’s distinctive Premier Programs. These programs are designed to help highly motivated students accelerate their success, and most offer at least $20,000 in annual scholarships.

You can apply for just about any combination of the following Premier Programs:

  • Dual Admission
  • The Fischler Academy of Education
  • Huizenga Business Innovation Academy
  • Razor’s Edge Scholars

You may apply for and be admitted into only one Dual Admission program for your first semester. Each program is unique and has its own eligibility requirements.


Apply for Undergraduate Admission

You can use the Shark Select Application or the or the Common App to apply to Nova Southeastern University.

Submit a Supplemental Application

Complete the supplemental Premier Programs application for fall entry.

Interview During Shark Preview

If you’re admitted to NSU and submit the supplemental application, you will be invited via email to choose which Shark Preview Weekend works for your schedule.