Drive Your Career with Big Data

With Nova Southeastern University’s Dual Admission program, you can earn your bachelor's and your Master of Science in Data Analytics in five years. Your degree in Data Analytics from NSU gives you opportunities to grow your career in a vast number of industries, including health care, technology, finance, education, government, and entertainment. You’ll build skills to mine, analyze, and learn from large amounts of data that can help unlock new solutions and transform lives.

Why earn your master’s degree in Data Analytics?

Today’s data-driven world needs you. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, Big Data’s growing role in the economy has created high demand for data analysts and statisticians. Successful businesses understand that analytics is the key to driving critical decisions and making bigger wins, that’s why businesses view data scientists and analysts as a competitive advantage.

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of data analysis in courses that focus on data warehousing, data mining, data analytics, and data visualization. Plus, NSU’s M.S. in Data Analytics program prepares you with a background for more diverse technical data analyst roles in the areas of marketing, social media, business operations, and production.


Related Careers

  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Database Administrator


  • Communicate data analytics concepts, designs, and solutions effectively and professionally
  • Apply knowledge of data analytics to produce effective designs and solutions for specific problems
  • Identify, analyze, and synthesize scholarly literature relating to the field of data analytics
  • Evaluate data analytics techniques for management planning and decision making

Career Outcomes

Computer Systems Analyst

$93,730 Median Salary Per Year

Computer and Information Research Scientist

$126,830 Median Salary Per Year

Database Administrator

$98,860 Median Salary Per Year

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


A Dual Admission program is available to qualified freshman and transfer students, allowing them to complete a combined bachelor's degree and master’s degree in a total of a five-year period (4+1).

After successfully completing a four-year undergraduate degree at NSU (see requirements chart below), students are eligible to immediately start their Master of Science in Data Analytics.

Degrees Earned

You can earn any bachelor’s degree and your Master of Science in Data Analytics

Program Length

Earn your bachelor’s in four years and your master’s in one.

Interview Required

Students applying for dual admission must interview during Shark Preview Weekend, an exclusive admitted students event.

Deadline to Apply

Fall Admission: February 1


To be considered for dual admission and fill your reserved seat in graduate or professional school, there are some requirements you must meet. Undergraduate Admission Requirements are for first-time and transfer students applying to earn a bachelor’s degree. Graduate Admission Requirements are the standards students need to maintain while earning their undergraduate degree to remain eligible for the graduate or professional program.

You may apply for dual admission as test-optional (with or without test scores). If you apply for dual admission without test scores, the minimum required 3.0 GPA will be unweighted instead of weighted. Please note that meeting minimum required test-optional criteria does not guarantee an interview. Students applying for dual admission consideration without test scores will be reviewed holistically.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements


High School: 3.0 Weighted GPA
(First-Time Students)


24 Composite ACT
1170 Total SAT


Minimum 30 Transfer Credits
With a 3.0 GPA
(Transfer Students)

Graduate Admission Requirements

Keep your dual admission status while you earn your bachelor’s.

Dual admission reserves your seat in NSU’s Master of Science in Data Analytics program, but you must still complete a graduate application once you finish your bachelor’s degree.

Keep in mind that these are the basic requirements, and final determination of admission into the professional program is at the discretion of the College of Computing and Engineering.

Degree Required

You must complete a bachelor’s degree in any major you choose. Additional prerequisites may be communicated upon admission.

Undergraduate GPA

You must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and earn a minimum grade of C or better in pre-requisite courses.

Additional Requirements

College credits that were earned through advanced high school programs such as AP, IB or college academy—or in summer coursework following high school graduation, prior to attending NSU—may transfer to NSU.

Students who enter NSU with earned college credits through advanced high school programs may be able to complete their degree and program requirements earlier than scheduled and request to enter their graduate professional programs earlier as well. Please contact your admissions representative for more details regarding high school transfer credits.

Please contact your admissions representative for more details regarding high school transfer credits.

Ready for the Next Step?

Here’s how to apply.

Dual Admission is just one of NSU’s distinctive Premier Programs. These programs are designed to help highly motivated students accelerate their success, and most offer at least $19,000 in annual scholarships.

You can apply for just about any combination of the following Premier Programs:

  • Dual Admission
  • The Fischler Academy of Education
  • Huizenga Business Innovation Academy
  • Razor’s Edge Scholars

You may apply for and be admitted into only one Dual Admission program for your first semester. Each program is unique and has its own eligibility requirements.

Questions? Browse FAQs

Apply for Undergraduate Admission

You can use the Shark Select Application or the Common App to apply to Nova Southeastern University.

Submit a Supplemental Application

Complete the supplemental Premier Program Application for Fall 2021 entry.

Interview During Shark Preview

If you’re admitted to NSU and submit the supplemental application, you will be invited via email to choose which Shark Preview Weekend works for your schedule.