Have tough conversations. Respond to situations critically. Improve your communication skills. These are some of the skills you gain when you take on leadership roles on campus at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Whether you’re commanding the ship for student government, leading the photography club, or serving as a mentor to first-year students, you can earn ExEL units for becoming a role model on campus. Have a fresh new idea for an organization? Starting it can earn you ExEL units too. As a campus leader, you’ll gain the edge you’ll need to become a confident, capable, and caring professional who can outsmart, outperform, and outlast your competition.

Step into Leadership Roles

Dedicate yourself to making an impact and building community throughout NSU’s campus. Forge a demonstrated track record of leadership roles as a campus leader or mentor.

First-Year Experience Peer Leader

Earn two ExEL units per semester.
Serve as a resource and role model to help first-year students wade through the beginning of their undergrad journeys. Bonus: You even get a stipend for your work.

Peer Leader Program

Peer Tutoring

Earn up to two ExEL units per experience.
Pass on your expertise in your favorite subjects to your fellow Sharks. Sign up to be a peer tutor.

Become a Tutor

Self-Determined Leadership Position, Project or Participation

Earn one or two ExEL units per experience.
Elected vice president of student government? Sorority secretary? You can earn ExEL units for taking on leadership roles at 100+ clubs and organizations at NSU. Looking to start a new club? Get ExEL units for that too. Just make sure you get approval before you begin. 

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How to Earn Leadership Units

Complete the ExEL Leadership Development Unit Interest Form

Log in to SharkHub and complete the ExEL Leadership Development Unit Interest Form.

Launch SharkHub

Meet with a Representative from the Student Leadership and Civic Engagement (SLCE) Office

They will review the ExEL requirements with you. Note: You are required to meet with a representative prior to beginning your proposed leadership experience.

Review with an SLCE Representative

After submitting the interest form, you will be contacted by an SLCE representative to review your intended experience and program requirements.

Students doing Leadership activity

Qualifying for an ExEL Unit in Leadership Development

To meet the requirements for earning ExEL units, the leadership opportunity must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of 40 hours of active participation within one academic year.
  • Be a current experience. Past participation in leadership positions, projects, or participation will not be accepted.
  • Be reflective of the 10 student leadership competencies.

You may be able to earn two units for a leadership development experience that meets a minimum of 80 hours of active participation in one academic year.

Additional Requirements

Each ExEL opportunity has different prerequisites and conditions. Be sure to find out ahead of time what’s required for the pillar or program you’re interested in.

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Contact Information

Ready to dive in? We’re here to help!

Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement

If you have any questions about a specific opportunity listed above, email or call (954) 262-7240.


If you have any questions about the experiential learning program, email or call (954) 262-2047.