Get a front-row seat to groundbreaking research. The Carnegie Foundation classified Nova Southeastern University (NSU) as a “high research activity institution,” recognizing more than 200 research projects working to improve patient care, make new drug discoveries, reduce mental health disorders, and examine the forces that impact our oceans. Sign up to be a volunteer researcher, intern, or fellow, and get direct access to the brilliant minds of NSU’s professors and researchers.

Whether you choose to become an academic, join the corporate world, or do something else entirely, research experience will give you the edge you need. Other benefits include:

  • gaining critical and analytical skills
  • defining future career goals
  • preparing for graduate school
  • making connections in the field
  • building confidence and experience
  • accessing one-on-one mentorship

Sharpen Your Résumé with a Research Component

Gain a wealth of knowledge when you choose to earn ExEL units through research activities.

Research in Your Field

Earn one to two ExEL units per cocurricular experience.
Take your pick of research projects that enrich your academic life and help you reach your professional goals. Study cardiovascular disease, anticancer therapies, autism, coral reef restoration, stem cells, or wildlife DNA forensics.

Explore Research Opportunities

The research opportunities I participated in helped me realize that I want to focus on conservation efforts. My work with organisms such as rays and sharks inspired me to help protect them.

NSU students conducting research on marine fisheries

Marine Fisheries Research

Earn one to two ExEL units per cocurricular experience.
There’s no better place to study marine life than Florida. Get hands-on experience in the field by collecting data on stingray aging or the feeding efficiency of inshore fish.

Fisheries Science Research

Undergraduate Student Symposium

Earn one to two ExEL units per cocurricular experience.
At this annual event hosted by the Farquhar Honors College, you’ll showcase projects through displays, oral presentations, performances, and films. This is a prime opportunity for potential employers and graduate schools to get a sense of your achievements.

About the Symposium

Mindfulness-Based Gardening

Earn one to two ExEL units per cocurricular experience.
Design and implement an interactive project to establish a mindfulness garden. This project will directly impact the NSU community because the end goal is to provide an outlet for everyone on campus. Contact Dr. Jonathan Banks by the end of the third week of classes to sign up.

How to Earn Research Units

Have a project in mind? Reach out to a faculty member who is an expert on the topic, and ask him or her to be your mentor. You can also go the more traditional route by joining a preexisting research project.

Here's how:

Meet with a Faculty Member

Contact a current or past faculty member to ask if he or she is accepting students to help with research. If not, ask if any of the faculty member’s colleagues are accepting students.

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research

Once you’ve received an offer letter, submit the experience to the Office of Undergraduate Research for approval.
Application Packet

NSU students participating in undergraduate research activities

Additional Requirements

Each ExEL opportunity has different prerequisites and conditions. Be sure to find out ahead of time what’s required for the pillar or program you’re interested in.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions about the program, please email Jeff Hartman at jhartman2@nova.edu or call (954) 262-2047.